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Ethical beachwear
handmade in Bali

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Ruby - Army Green

£ 292.00 GBP

£ 365.00 GBP

Bianca - Red Rock

£ 340.00 GBP

£ 425.00 GBP

Sarong - Mustard Malawi

£ 108.00 GBP

£ 135.00 GBP

Sarong - Nude Kuti

£ 108.00 GBP

£ 135.00 GBP

Supporting Bali’s Ancient Craftsmen

It was when my family started traveling to Bali over 15 years ago that my mother met a local batik tailor - Erik. They struck up a friendship, and before long they began selling handmade batik pieces in a shop. Now 15 years later, the small operation has grown in Bali, producing individually handmade beachwear. Each piece we create is handmade, this means that no two pieces are the same, and totally unique to the buyer.

our story

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Sadie - Crème Brûlée

£ 224.00 GBP

Billie Bandeau - Crème Brûlée

£ 120.00 GBP

Lucy Cotton trousers


Santi cowl neck top