Spring Summer 2020

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My latest silk collection contains traditional hand printed batik silk in timeless styles. Romantic, safari inspired prints paired with classic, 70’s influenced cuts. This collection has a varied colour palette of earthy tones and summery pastel hues.

For my cotton collection, I chose this specific cotton also for its trans-seasonal versatility. The capsule comprises two weights: a smooth, no weave lighter cotton and a medium weight cotton with a stronger weave and texture but still light and easy to wear in the heat.

All the fabric is made to order in a small Indian mill and cut and stitched in Mumbai. The cotton is certified by the world’s leading standard for organic fibres, GOTS. Choosing organic cotton was a must over conventional for its myriad of ethical and environmental benefits; on top of using no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, it not only helps to pull millions of cotton farmers out of poverty but also uses 91% less water than conventional cotton.

Cloe X

Sapphire Top - Cream

£ 92.00 GBP

£ 185.00 GBP

Donna Top - Cream

£ 105.00 GBP

£ 210.00 GBP

Emmie - Seafoam

£ 138.00 GBP

£ 230.00 GBP

Crepe Scarf - Starburst Quartz

£ 90.00 GBP

£ 195.00 GBP

Amber Top - Sky Blue

£ 60.00 GBP

£ 140.00 GBP

Sapphire Top - Coral

£ 100.00 GBP

£ 225.00 GBP

Lea - Mini Cotton Candy

£ 125.00 GBP

£ 330.00 GBP

Kimi Skirt - Cayenne

£ 120.00 GBP

£ 295.00 GBP

Sapphire Top - Cotton Candy

£ 135.00 GBP

£ 225.00 GBP

Donna Top - Lake

£ 117.00 GBP

£ 235.00 GBP