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Timeless fashion, and
what makes a garment transcend time.

Classic, timeless essentials. When it comes to clothing, everybody loves talking about pieces that fit well, put quality front and centre, and are worth the investment. Yet the notion of timeless fashion by itself is a contradiction; in times that are defined by the constant change - driven by seasonal trends, quick turnaround and the attraction of anything 'new', talking about timelessness may sound like a paradox. But it is in this paradox that we may find the appeal - the magic of timelessness, even during a period of rigid trends turning around quicker than ever.

Timeless designs come with a strong appeal of their own - a voice strong enough to break through years and years passing. And it seems like there is a certain emotion connected to timeless garments - something the fashion industry is built on; something a garment is built on. We ought to wear things that will be loved and remembered for the emotion they bring and brought to us the moments we spent wearing them, and relive that moment every time we put it back on. 


Timeless designs come with a strong appeal of their own -
a voice strong enough to break through years and years passing.

Maybe it is the simplicity in timeless designs that make them so appealing to us - It seems like the limited number of details make a style transcend time. Something that can and will be passed down from mother to daughter, to be loved and worn by both.

Or maybe it is the perfection of craftsmanship that makes a last through time. Timeless, heirloom pieces are often made around a craft - it being complex embroidery or a dying art like Batik. In any way, they are made with integrity in mind - going beyond the fast pace of the fashion roller coaster.
And with that association of craftsmanship that seems to keep pieces alive, they are often carefully made by hand, by workers paid a fair wage and treated in an ethical way - instantly adding value and longevity beyond an item's retail price.

Many would argue design cannot be timeless, but Cloe Cassandro stands for the purpose of being the antithesis of trends. Instead, through the choices made in design and product development, she aims to leave her customers with a feeling - A feeling of a never ending holiday. One that instantly has them wanting to hop on a plane and leave. And makes them remember every second of it. Each and every design has to have that special something - the something that makes people fall in love with the garment and take good care of it. Timelessness is at the core of the design philosophy, standing the test of time. Because a timeless wardrobe will never go out of fashion, despite today's individualistic nature.

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