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Stockist spotlight: By Rory

Perennially young, stylised, and with a fresh outlook on everything from resort dressing to summer beach living - Born from the wanderings of a creative mind, Rory Shearer curates luxury resort wear collections that fuse timeless elegance with the free-spiritedness of a seasoned traveller. When Cloe was introduced to Rory through a mutual friend, they instantly got on and trusted each other - enough to collaborate on a whole collection, reflecting their mutual love for the island of Bali.

By Rory stands for strong, directional design ethos and brand image. We sat down and caught up with resortwear curator and Cloe Cassandro stockist Rory.


Born out of love for unique objects.

CC. What motivated you to open By Rory?
R. More out of chance than want. But i have a love for of unique objects, whether they be textiles or lifestyle pieces

CC. If you had to sum up the business in 3 words, what would they be? 
R. Unique, custom and personal


An Ibiza boy at heart.

CC. What do you look for in a designer that you’d like to stock?
R. Originality, quality but most importantly I like to work with good people.

CC. Your favourite beach vacation destination?
R. Im an Ibiza boy at heart - although we separate business and pleasure and do not have a location there.
The food, unique characters and incredible atmosphere make it a special place

Rory's favourite Cloe Cassandro piece?
The Kimi wrap - a staple we know will always fly off the shelf

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