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Mother's Day Edit: Meet Juliana Cassandro

Mother's Day is all about celebrating the maternal influencers in our lives. Because our mothers will always be special to us - Not only do they give us life, they're also the emotional backbones of our families. And sometimes, like in Cloe and Juliana's case, they open doors to life changing opportunities. With Mother's Day just around the corner, we asked Cloe's mum Juliana to share a few stories from both her motherhood and professional journey. 


My husband and I knew we wanted to help him
make that dream come true.

Just like your daughter, you have a background in the fashion industry. Tell us a bit about the journey of producing your own garments

J. The journey started in Bali where we met Javanese tailor Erik, introduced to us by a friend to make my husbands shirts. To our dismay, Erik lived in shocking conditions. He ended up making me an entire wardrobe based on the clothes in my suitcase. He later introduced me to a Batik printer. When they first asked me what print I would like, I pointed to the exact batik shirt the man was wearing. The original leaf! I had told Erik about my idea to print it on silk chiffon. We bought a roll of silk and then went on to produce the original items. A few sarongs and an easy Andrea top which is still a huge seller today.

One day, I asked Erik about his dreams - his first dream being to open a shop. My husband and I knew we wanted to help him make that dream come true, and provided him with the initial investment to open his shop. Erik's second dream was to get married, have children and buy a house. It was very simple to guide him in the right direction when it came to designing the garments. About 10 years later, having made a huge success of the shop, his dreams came true. He had the shop, found a wife, built a fabulous large house and had 4 children. The rest is history...

About 3 years ago he decided he wanted to breed birds instead, as he was finding it very difficult to help his wife at home with the children and household chores. The timing was perfect, as Cloe was ready to take over the beachwear world! 


I still to this day don't know how Cloe did it,
but she seemed to do it effortlessly.

Tell us something about when Cloe was a child.

J. Cloe as a child showed no real signs of wanting to be in fashion at all. She knew what she liked and what she didn't. She never really followed trends at all and was always, even as a child, quite classic and simple. She has always had a certain elegance about her.
She always dressed beautifully with a no fuss style - dressed in simple, practical things in beautiful colours. I don't think she ever wore a belt. 

I was just pottering around and 'helping Erik make his dreams come true and never thought of making this business grow.
It was Cloe that one day said " I want to take over the business, I am going to sell it worldwide, starting with Netaporter! I thought poor Cloe, how on earth does she think she is going to do that. But I couldn't believe her vision - She was being rather ambitious in her thoughts.
She put her head down and just did it. She had no training in business and just used to lie on her bed (or ours) choosing colours and designing her own things. I still to this day don't know how she did it but she seemed to do it effortlessly. Of course I feel overwhelmed when I think of how far our child has come - We're obviously enormously proud of what she has achieved.


My mother taught me how to shop;
only purchasing the best.

What about being a mom did you learn from your mom?

J. This is a very hard one for me to answer. My mother, bless her heart, never worked, and was not a creative. She hated the mess I seemed to create every day in my bedroom with all the colours and scissors.
She was a glamorous woman who looked after herself having her hair done 3 times a week and nails twice plus a masseur came to the house every Monday to give her a massage. Those days were just very different.
She did teach me how to shop. Only purchasing the best

Juliana's favourite Cloe Cassandro piece?
J. My favourite piece is the simple sarong and the Andrea top! I wouldn't go anywhere without my sarongs!
I wear them on my head, or over my swimming costume every day on holiday.

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