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Cloe Cassandro - a name and a brand

Inspired by Balinese craftsmanship and her parents’ passion for supporting the local artisans, London native Cloe Cassandro started creating her own collections back in 2012. Working amongst others for designer Stella McCartney at the time, she used her background as a fashion stylist to produce her first look books and approach buyers, and was quickly taken on by stockists all over Europe. She eventually quit her various jobs to devote herself to her eponymous label in 2016.

Cloe never had the intention of starting a brand, but looking at her parents - her dad an entrepreneur that later became her mentor, and her mother blessed with a flawless way of putting outfits together with love and passion, it’s easy to understand that she was born with the talent to turn her ideas into a successful brand. Yet the growth of the label was something that happened very organically.

Inspired by what her parents had done for Erik, a local tailor Cloe’s mother met when she first traveled to Bali over 15 years ago, and the very first tailor her parents produced clothes with - with the aim of supporting him with the opening of his own shop, something that would allow him to find his way out of poverty - Cloe has always wanted to do something with a purpose to it, too. She always had a good eye for details, and she knew what her mother had created using silk chiffon fabrics had legs to be something more.

From securing her first stockists (in a single weekend and without previous appointments) in Marbella, to being stocked by the likes of Heidi Klein and Net a Porter, Cloe has seen many highlights throughout the process of running her brand to date, and will continue to create products her customers will love.



I just knew what my mother had created using silk
chiffon fabric had legs to be something more. 

It’s impossible to talk about Cloe Cassandro without talking about the rich Balinese history of Batik, traditionally made in Indonesia. It’s a dying art, which Cloe wanted to keep alive by founding the brand. To date, each of her silk-chiffon cover-ups is crafted, dyed and printed entirely by hand. She takes her inspiration from classic shapes and heritage brands, while staying true to her mission to create high quality, timeless styles that don’t go out of fashion - designed for the ‘Cloe Woman’.

Cloe follows in her parents' footsteps, that’s for sure. She wanted her brand to be one with integrity; one that treats everyone in the right way - always looking up to her role models.


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