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What is Fast Fashion?

A look into what fast fashion really is, and the human, social and environmental effects, and how you can do your part.

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Our Favourite sustainable beaches

These trips to the beach will not only soothe your soul and let you unwind, but they are also a conscious and ethical experience.

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Eat, sleep & shop in Bali

From authentic local delicacies to fusion concept stores, we've rounded up our favourite places to eat, sleep and shop in Bali.

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Mother's Day: Meet Juliana 

We asked Cloe's mum Juliana to share a few stories from her motherhood and professional journey. 

Stockist spotlight: By Rory

Lifelong friendship and a mutual love for the island of Bali. We sat down with Cloe Cassandro stockist Rory. 

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What makes fashion timeless?

The notion of timeless fashion by itself is a paradox - but it is in this paradox that we find its appeal.

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ow to care for your garments

By taking on a few simple tips, you can maximise your garments' longevity. And truly pick up timeless fashion.

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The Art of Batik

Batik - Integral to the Indonesian identity and dating back more than a thousand years - yet, it is a dying art...

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All that we love about Tulum

The once entirely unspoilt beach town comes as close to paradise as it can get. We've rounded up our favourite places.

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Cloe Cassandro - a name and a brand

Meet London native Cloe Cassandro, former fashion stylist, avid traveler and founder of her eponymous label.

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