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Our Story

It was when my family started traveling to Bali over 15 years ago that my mother met a local batik tailor - Erik. They struck up a friendship, and before long they began selling handmade batik pieces in a shop. Now 15 years later, the small operation has grown in Bali, producing individually handmade beachwear. Each piece we create is handmade, this means that no two pieces are the same, and totally unique to the buyer.

"I want to keep the dying art of Batik alive and supply jobs

"I want to keep the dying art of Batik alive and supply jobs for Balinese men that have nothing but this skill."

for Balinese men that have nothing but this skill."

It was when Cloe's family started traveling to Bali over 15 years ago that her mother Juliana met a local tailor - Erik, a single man living in a small village, with dreams and hopes of one day having a wife and a family, and making a regular income to supply for his family by opening a shop.

Juliana began producing clothes with Erik and eventually started selling them to a selection of London stores. Cloe's parents saw the talent behind Erik's work and decided to take a chance on him - they helped him open a shop and ultimately, make his dream come true. Erik is now married with four kids and lives in a beautiful two storey house.

Cloe could see how special the pieces that her mother produced together with the tailors in Bali were. Inspired by her parents, she knew that she had to continue producing batik collections with the tailors her family were so close to. Her mission was simple - timeless designs and the most beautiful ethical silk chiffon fabrics, combined to create simple, classic pieces.   

The art of batik is at the heart of Bali’s history, and by founding Cloe Cassandro, Cloe wanted to keep this dying art alive and supply jobs for the batik men that often have nothing but this skill. To date, she continues working closely with the Balinese tailors on her collections and keeps most of her production on the island of Bali. Her business has grown from one batik man and a tailor to 6 batik men and 19 tailors, both men and women, who all work from their own homes to look after and care for their children whilst they work.Today, the collection has grown to include a beautiful Indian organic cotton capsule, made to complement the silk chiffon collection, comprising versatile, timeless separates and dresses made to be worn trans-seasonally. The fabric is made to order in limited quantities in a small village in India, then sent to Mumbai for stitching and finishing touches.

We're constantly in process of becoming more conscious and responsible. As an ethical brand, Cloe Cassandro provides fair pay and ethical working conditions to all workers. We believe in supporting the local communities, keeping our batik production exclusively in Bali and carefully selected places, only producing limited edition runs each season. Each of our silk-chiffon pieces is crafted, dyed and printed entirely by hand, keeping our processes as transparent as possible. In India, we have chosen a small village mill where all our fabric is GOTS-certified organic and made to order in limited quantities. 

Our mission for the next year is to partner up with more ethical businesses and local charities, and by 2021 become a fully responsible, sustainable brand.